All women love perfumes and despite being in the midst of the digital age, we can still almost smell when reading fashion blogs about lists of the most popular perfumes according to the season of the year, as well as seeing influencers and youtubers who show us their favorite perfumes on social networks, it can then be said that perfumes are a "must have" that will never go out of style.

Of course, the only thing you should know is which perfume is the one that raises your spirits or you like the most, since the smells cause in each of us various reactions, both physical and regarding our emotions and feelings.


Do you dare to discover the best kept secret in the perfume industry?


One of the most public secrets for those in the perfumery industry is that perfumes are precisely made based on that power of connection with people's emotions, but the incredible thing about it is really getting to discover how you can connect thousands of people through a single fragrance. Because depending on each person, some olfactory notes can recreate memories of our childhood, for example, linked to states of joy or in connection with a season like spring. However, for other people, that same fragrance may remind them of their teenage years and the magic of first love. Anyway, be that as it may, the emotion or personal feeling would be the same in both cases and said fragrance is made for it.


We can discover this thanks to aromachology, which is the science that studies how aromas influence and improve the mood of each person. It is also often called the psychology of aromas or the neuroscience of smell, since the relationship between aromas and human psychology is studied. This science differs from aromatherapy, since this other (older) discipline consists of using natural aromas as treatments on the human body, with multiple benefits as well.


Equivalences of aromas and emotions


As a result of various investigations, for example, in the Magazine of Naturist Medicine Vol.13 Edition 2019, the study concludes that lavender, as well as bergamot, both reduce the level of stress used in aromatherapy, but also in aromacology, since it also improved state of mind. mood in the people studied; children, adolescents and adults.


The scent of lavender is often linked to a feeling of cleanliness, just like the citrus or talc olfactory family, since it is usually very popular because of the connection with our senses. Hence, women like baby perfumes a lot.


Other studies conclude that high olfactory notes; lemon, lime, citronella, mint, eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, improve our ability to concentrate.

On the other hand, aromas that contain; mugwort, ylang ylang, currant bud, vanilla, peony, magnolia, geranium, rose, are quite effective in combating depression and anxiety, seen from our emotional side they would combat sadness, making us happier.


Surely if you review your favorite perfume you will find many of the olfactory notes mentioned.


Or you love it, or hate it


But... and what if we don't like a perfume? Well, according to aromachology, it would occur due to our olfactory stimuli, it is very likely that the smell that we dislike is associated or linked to a sensation that our brain rejects by olfactory memory. Reason why we should not worry, but simply follow our brain, as it guides us and helps to raise our spirits. Perhaps we should thank him in some way for the magnificent work he does for us.

Finally, due to sustainability, a trend is emerging to use perfumes made in a more artisanal way, because the more natural the fragrance is, it is understood or presumed that it contains more natural essences and will have fewer products that are harmful to the environment and the body.


Do you carry your mood in your bag?


Connect with your emotions through the magic of perfumes, when you have a bad day, remember to raise your spirits, raise that vibration! One of the best tips given by blogs, websites and fashion magazines is to carry your favorite perfume in a mini size in your bag. So, if your mood is altered or your motivation is reduced by any circumstance in life, have your best ally close by.