Today, perfume is one of the ingredients that make up our personality. You can stand out as much as you want and grab attention wherever you go. But, sometimes it doesn't last long enough that you want, or it doesn't shine as bright as you imagined.

How to apply perfume correctly? In this post we want to help you solve these types of doubts, as well as answer other questions that you may not have considered and that may be part of why your perfume is not as long-lasting as you expected; or why it doesn't have that intense and fresh smell that you imagined.

When is the best time to put on the cologne/perfume?

The best time to apply cologne is after you shower. This is due to the fact that once you get out of the shower, your body is clean and hydrated, which will make the fragrance that you put on remain fully impregnated with your body, last longer and be perceived better. Also, if you bathe with hot water it is even better, since the pores remain open, thus allowing the skin to better absorb the fragrance that you apply. Keep in mind that before putting the perfume on your skin, it must be completely dry so that it does not dilute with the drops of water that remain on your body. Like, you should put the fragrance on about 10 minutes before you get dressed, so that the fragrance has time to settle on your skin without being absorbed by the clothes. Using creams or other supplements for the skin that are moisturizing will also be favorable when applying the perfume, since the fragrance will have a more intense touch and a longer duration. Also, did you know that the use of Vaseline just below the area to be perfumed is good? Allows the fragrance to remain longer on the skin.

Where to apply the perfume?

Knowing the points of the body where to apply the perfume is key so that the fragrance lasts longer and stands out more. Do you know what pulse points are? They are those areas of your body where the blood circulation runs closest to the skin and, therefore, the temperature of that pulse point is higher than in the rest of your body, and consequently, the evaporation of The fragance. But what are these points? The most common are the top of the neck, the back of the ears, the inside of the wrists, and the inside of the elbows. However, there are other areas of your body with these characteristics, such as the back of the knees, ankles, collarbones, and hips.

Is it advisable to put the perfume on clothes?

As we have mentioned before, it is advisable to put on the perfume around 10 minutes before getting dressed, so that it does not absorb the fragrance. However, if your intention is to put perfume on clothes, first of all, you must take into account the delicacy of the garment, since irreparable stains can be produced for the clothes on which the perfume is applied. On the other hand, it is best to apply a few drops of the perfume to the steam iron that you are going to use to smooth the garment. In this way, you will not run the risk of staining the clothes.

Areas of the body where NOT to apply the perfume?

Just as there are favorable key points on the body where to apply perfume, there are also areas where not to apply perfume. The facial face is an area in which you should avoid applying the perfume, this is because the chemical components and alcohols that the different fragrances present can act aggressively against the fine skin of the face. The navel and armpits are other areas where it is essential to avoid applying perfume, they are humid areas and prone to infections. They are also areas that can smell stronger and it would be a powerful and probably unpleasant mixture if it is combined with the aroma of the perfume. For the hair it would be better to put a specific hair perfume, so as not to have to expose the hair to such oils and chemicals of the perfumes that are supposed to be for the skin and not specifically for the hair.

How to apply the perfume?

First of all, as we have already mentioned, it is best to apply the perfume once we get out of the shower, since the skin is in its cleanest state and will absorb the fragrance better. Then, when applying the perfume, it is best to spray it at a distance of between 10 and 15 cm, and always with the perfume pointing towards you. It's important because what many people do is spray the perfume in the air and walk past it. However, the perfume will be better applied the other way, since it acts directly on the skin. Keep in mind that the products in the bathtub, if possible, are similar or not very different from the perfume that you are going to apply later, otherwise, the mixture between the two could affect the duration of the perfume and take on a different intensity than The expected. Rubbing the perfume once applied could be another very common mistake. This will mean faster evaporation of the fragrance.

Recommendations when applying the perfume

Here below we leave you marked the steps in a summarized way about our recommendations when applying the perfume correctly:
1º Apply the perfume when you get out of the shower (better with hot water). Dry the skin well. 2º Put the perfume around 10 minutes before getting dressed, to prevent clothes from absorbing the fragrance. 3º Do not perfume the clothes, basically to avoid irreparable stains on it. 4º Apply the perfume on the pulse points: the upper part of the neck, the back of the ears, the inside of the wrists and the inside of the elbows. 5º Avoid applying the perfume on sweaty and infection-prone areas such as the navel or armpits.