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Tiziana Terenzi Lyncis Assoluto 3.38oz U Spray


Assoluto has born from the fire of memory, which warms and illuminates the collection Tiziana Terenzi Luna. It is inspired by blended moments of life, like precious pieces of a mosaic made of stars, and it represents a magical web of fantasy. Stylistic research advances into new frontiers, through the exploration phase, and then it dives in a dreamlike dimension, climbing to the complex pathways of the jewel.

Top notes of white iris flower, pink pepper, mandarin orange and bergamot start off the concoction with a burst of sparkling intensity. Following this are heart notes of amber, orange blossom, jasmine and rose for a bright, blooming array that immediately captures the senses. Finally, base notes of vetiver, cedar, musk, tonka bean, oak moss, sandalwood and patchouli create an earthy, heady glow that fully immerses you in sensuality for an altogether well-balanced and dynamic scent you can luxuriate in.

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