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  7. Versace Atelier Vanille Rouge 3.4 oz U EDP Spray

Versace Atelier Vanille Rouge 3.4 oz U EDP Spray


The luxury fragrances embodies the Atelier Versace absolute dedication to excellence, encompassing a studious approach to exceptional quality components, innovative techniques and hand-craftsmanship.Vanille Rouge encompasses the Madagascar vanilla, adding a hint of pralines. The sweet tones are accompanied by a powdery musk accord. The powerful fragrance contains an unexpected rose note. The perfume boasts a hand-made black glass bottle enriched with the name of the fragrance written in a gold tone. The sculptural bottles is packed into a paper box embellished by a gold-tone Greek Key border painted by hand. The box reveals a mirror that features the Atelier Versace logo painted in a gold tone.

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